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Modern American Boutique. Unique and Custom American Made Products

Welcome to Modern American Boutique


We Serve to Strengthen America by Supporting America's Small Manufacturers and Artisans of American Made


A Social Enterprise Shopping Site


As a Social Enterprise Shopping Site, Modern American Boutique offers a different kind of shopping experience. Our mission is to not only provide you with top notch American Made Products but to support and strengthen the American economy.  To that end, we search out talented and otherwise unheard of American artists and craftsman to bring you unique and one of a kind products.  Some are even numbered, such as the beautiful and elegant Bella Vita fire pits designed by artist Rick Wittrig.  These are not your ordinary fire pits.  Bella Vita celebrates your passion for the good life.  Anytime of the year, gathering family and friends around Bella Vitas abundant fire will rekindle your inner spirit as you watch the dancing flames.  


We also serve to honor our American Veterans by giving opportunity to support them through the purchase of hand-made items.  We do not receive any monies for these purchases but give back to them 100% of the profit.


Home Decor Features Unique, One of A Kind Items


Pillows and ArtWork by Eric and Christopher is another example of products uniquely created.  All artwork is created originally, either digitally and/or by hand.  Their goal is to be able to provide a completely 100% hand made product - minus the materials.  This means that each piece is unique and a little bit different than the one before.  No two pieces are exactly alike.  If you buy a pillow by Eric and Christopher, you aren't just buying a pillow - you are buying a work of art!


Celebrate the Great Outdoor with Quality Chairs and Tables and Amazingly Beautiful Fire Pits


Celebrating the great outdoors with chairs and tables designed by Alan Davis and built by Tennesse Craftsman are perfect for sporting events, fishing, or outdoor concerts!  The amazing and versatile Backback Chair is a backpack and a chair!  Imagine being able to carry all your supplies in your Backback Chair as it folds up so you can use it as a backpack.  Then, enjoy maximum comfort when you arrive at your destination to adjust it from fully upright to reclining.


Exquisite fire pits designed by Rick Wittrig, creator of Fire Pit Art®, provide you with just-that-right-amount of all over warmth and beauty.  Plus each one is numbered so you aren't just getting a fire pit, you are investing in an art piece.


Luxury Beds and Mats for Your Dog or Cat!


Instead of sleeping with you, your pet will find the luxury of our dog and cat beds irresistible.  Our plush bolsters are made for long naps and sleeping through the night. Great for any spoiled pet!  Be sure to check out our cotton (also, organic) bumper beds. They are filled with 100% recycled IntelliLoft® polyfill made from recycled plastic bottles and the brushed cotton twill fabric is chosen for its durability and softness.  What is really great is that they all have a zippered opening with machine washable covers for easy maintenance.  Being able to buy extra covers means you can change up your pet's bed for color and care.


Then, for those long nap times, check out our eco-naps for dogs and cats.  Perfect for the couch or your pet's favorite chair, buy extra for the car to protect your seats.  


West Paw Pillow Bed is like a mat provides the comfort of a plush mattress with the ease of a mat and it's washable too!  Find it with hemp for extra odor control.  And your tired out older dog will appreciate a tuckered out bed made just for him for the ease of climbing in and out of.


Sturdy, Fun Toys for Your Pet


Be sure to check out our assortment of dog and cat toys.  Our Zogoflex® dog toys are made with Zogoflex® material, making them super-strong.  They are guaranteed to survive the most rigorous of play.  They are also non-toxic, dishwasher-safe and made in the USA.


Other Pet Accessories


In Pet Accessories, find other items, such as collars and leashes.  And for those times when you just can’t leave your dog at home (or he begs to be with you!), Bergens travel feeder and food storage unit in one holds 5 lbs of food and has a rotating bowl used to control feeding.  Just swing it open to feed your pet and swing it shut to get back on the road.


Easy to Care for Home Furniture


In home furnishings, you will find easy to care for Mayfair furniture that is also available with slip covers.  Perfect for the growing family or the popular entertainment room where you won't have to worry about mishaps to your furniture.


Generous Rewards Program


Be sure to check out our rewards program.  This is our way of saying "Thanks" for supporting our mission of helping to make America strong and giving back to others to make their life a little better.


That's Not All!


We are just getting started. Future plans include links to local shopping areas featuring made in America products.  And, of course, we are always searching out the creative and industrious small hand-crafter and manufacturer of American made products.   You can help us!  If you know of a talented artisan or small manufacturer of useful and quality products, please let us know and collect 10 rewards points!


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We believe in giving back.  For every purchase you make,  a portion is returned to America to help support worthy causes.